Company Profile
“ Osa Termosistemi “ j.s.c. Company was established in 1987 and privatized in 2003. It is a production company specialized for production of heat exchangers, thermal-technical equipment in the area of: cooling – heating and ventilation. Also, for the first time in Kosovo, we introduced production of equipment for food, chemical and other industries such as: reservoir, duplicators, lacto freeze, cooking equipment, seed sprouting incubator, cooling chambers and many other products of this area.
Results are based upon the organizational scheme consisting of:

1. Construction and Design Section,
2. Production Section,
3. Commercial, Financial and Marketing Section, and
4. Servicing Section.
Construction Section is the core and connections hub for Design – Construction, Production and Sales.
Personel :
“ Osa Termosistemi “ j.s.c. Company has 52 employees, of which 5 engineers of various profiles, 2 graduated economists, and others of secondary qualification.

Competence and experience of production personnel is the basis for all our products, including servicing of limited period, both during the warranty period and beyond.

Cooperation :
“ Osa Termosistemi “ j.s.c. Company is oriented towards becoming a strategic producer of a broad cooling technology programme, heating and processing equipment.
In order to implement its designated development programmes, the company requires international partnership for:
Transfer of technology and KNOW – HOW , Joint investment (endorsement of fresh capital), and Cooperation and joint introduction on market.

Market information :
“ Osa Termosistemi “ j.s.c. Company, has a potential market in Kosovo but also in export (Slovenia, Serbia,
Macedonia, Albania, etc.), with its thermal exchanger programme as we one of the rare – if not the only producer in the Balkans.
We look to intensify our sales in the existing market and search for new markets.

Advantage compared to competition:
“ Osa Termosistemi “ j.s.c. Company, is the only producer of heat exchangers and thermo technical equipment.
There are no similar products neither in Albania, and we are therefore researching new markets, confident that we may be quite competitive with our products.
The company, however, faces competition from uncontrolled import.

Fundamental problem is that the import of competing products is often accompanied with customs evasion, thus representing low and unrealistic customs basis, while for inputs to our raw material we are charged full fiscal charges. We are convinced that these challengers will be eliminated in future and we will be allowed a fair competition.